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Start your journey with us and discover the most innovative affiliate marketing platform design for engineering a result-oriented performance.
A user-centered design that highly focuses on our users' needs in each phase of the business ecosystem.

The Synergy Of Your Brand And“Webridge”

Our solution of affiliate “Webridge” is the fruits of numerous trial and error.
Needless to say, in response to the rapid-changing market, we are not satisfied with the present.
In other words, we aim to achieve even greater heights with the times.
Since we consider our evolution will never end, we make our determination to move forward as “an eternal βversion”.

Our mission is to maximize the value of your brand.
In order to achieve it, we stand for a bridge between your company and publishers to generate the maximum synergy.

Publisher’s Power Is Essential To Boost Your Business.

If you are able to create partnership with powerful publishers, you can reach more targeted users and can boost the brand awareness and sales of your product.

Webridge has also grown with many of Japanese top advertisers, so we can provide strong support as you enter the Japanese market.

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Lead To Success With Our Fully Equipped Infrastructure

Admin system is user-friendly and easy for analysis

Since we regard advertisers' viewpoint as important, our admin system is easy to understand and to get started.
In addition, as a platform to maximize the advertiser's ROI (Return On Investment), its analytic system can be taken from various perspectives.

Assigned advisers 1 by 1 for each company

When just started adopting affiliate service, sometimes it is difficult to operate efficiently.
In such a case, your exclusive adviser will support you as much as possible, for instance how to start or how to operate.

Exclude publishers who may violate public order and morals

All of the publishers need to pass our severe screening.
Our “Webridge” wouldn’t allow any websites that violate public order and morals (such as adult content, gambling etc.).
Therefore, advisers who care about their brand reputation can use our service without concern.

Strong Support From Three Professional Departments

Advertisers team + Promotion managers team + Publisher steam will support you to maximize the result.

Promotion management team

It is a team which helps you deal with all the tasks you will encounter in affiliate marketing. We will also report the results and propose the best condition of each promotion to you.

Advertiser team

A team that serves as a general information department that coping with introducing new promotions for advertisers. They will help you with making contract, setting system and etc. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Publisher team

This team is responsible for recruiting the best-matched publishers for your product and brand. Also, they provide know-how of inbound marketing which helps publishers create valuable contents to attract consumers efficiently.

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*Each enterprise has a partnership with FORiT Inc., running Webridge.

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